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T1 Line Rates

Full / Fractional DS1, Full / Fractional DS3, Ethernet and Bonded T1 Lines

T1 Line Rates is an authorized agency for leading carriers of high speed T1 (DS1), T3 (DS3), OC3, OC12 Server Colocation, Multi Bonded T1 (up to 12 Mb) for dedicated voice, data, integrated, Metro Ethernet, Fast Ethernet or Ethernet over copper and Business Class ADSL or SDSL internet broadband connections.

Your information is NOT sent to dozens of providers hoping for the best. We analyze your configuration needs and a personal consultant will offer the best options at the lowest rate. We will send a custom price proposal addressing your configuration requirements with our industry "best fit" recommendation and state Why. T1 line proposal and pricing within minutes... Not Days!


We can assist to confirm availability BEFORE you move or sign a new lease. Considering opening a branch office in another state and need a VPN? Who offers the lowest rates? We can confirm which T1 line providers are there and if they offer MPLS, Ethernet voice and data as a solution as well!

If you are looking for... Fractional / Full T1 Line, Full / Fractional T3, Bonded T1 Line

Business T1 Line Internet Access

  • A high speed data T1 connection (Avg Loop and Port: $299 metro - $550 rural)

  • Ethernet Services ( Avg $2000 for 100 Mb or $20 per Mb )

  • Gigabit Ethernet ( Avg $12.00 per Mb on a 1 Gig circuit )

  • Voice long distance line (Avg Loop: $350/mo) PRI available

  • Local + long distance line (Avg Loop: $525/mo w/unlimited local. PRI available*) 2.5¢ /min)

  • DS3 high-speed data line ( Avg Price: $3,250/mo or $112.00 per 1.54 Mbps )

  • Bonded T1 lines - 1.54 Mbps up to 12 Mbps

  • Router included or provide your own CPE equipment

  • Colocation Hosting - OC3 - OC12 - OC48

  • Managed Network - 24/7 monitoring - managed firewall or SSL VPN

  • Point to Point, Frame Relay, Server Co-Lo, OC3 + and managed VPN requires special pricing.

from leading Tier 1 providers... or anything in between! We've got a solution, for less. Each of the companies we work with will compete for your business. We broker a large volume and pass the savings on to our clients. Contacting our providers directly will not save you money, you will probably be quoted a higher rate.

Let our professional staff and industry contacts do the work for you.- Lowest Price Guarantee

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