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Home based users and businesses and can now take advantage of symmetric DSL (SDSL) to better compete in today's Internet economy. Offering "always on," business-grade, high-speed Internet access. T1 Line Rates .com's select DSL service providers are able to link multi-location business customers through our business-class DSL services or through T1 and virtual private network (VPN) service offerings. (IDSL and ADSL options) See DSL Terms

Excellent services for small - and medium - sized businesses to realize more productivity and cost savings. Eliminates constant dialing and busy signals associated with dial-up connections. Up to 50 times faster than dial-up* — speeds up to 1.5 Mbps. Most providers offer a "fail safe" roll over option. In the event your T1, Integrated T or Bonded T should loose a connection, an xDSL auto roll over feature kicks in as a back-up then rolls back.

3G Wireless Another option is 3G/4G WiFi at your location, we can check to see if this option is available as well. The primary factor is good line of sight to the tower.  1.5 Mbps down and 768 k up. Select "High Speed Internet Access" from the drop down to see if DSL is an option for your location.

xDSL vs. T1 Line

A T1 line and an SDSL line uses the same underlying technology - HDSL. The differences between them are not in performance, they are in ease of provisioning and speed of repair. In the US, lines for T1 data are normally treated with higher importance by Telco's than DSL lines, so time to repair and provisioning can be considerably faster. A T1 fault may be repaired within 4 hours or less whereas a xDSL line fault could take several days to restore.

The other important difference is that T1 lines are more easily extended to cover longer much distances, something that has not yet happened for SDSL lines. (15,000 - 18,000' from CO)

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