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Integrated T1 Line Rates

Integrated T1 (DS1), T3 (DS3) Connection

T1 Line Rates partners with over 30 Tier 1 high speed T1 (DS1), T3 (DS3), OC3, OC12 carriers for dedicated voice, data, integrated voice and data and bonded T1 broadband connections nationwide.

Not all Integrated Providers Serve your Location

Integrated T1 (also called channelized T1) is a cost saving alternative due to flexibility. It allows an enterprise to run several services, such as local telephone, long-distance telephone, Internet, and voice over IP (VoIP) over a single circuit at the same time. If you currently have 5 or more phone lines this becomes very cost effective. You can eliminate the $50 - $60 per line cost from your local Telco and take advantage of normally lower per minute long distance and International rates.

Another advantage is contacting one provider. You can add additional bandwidth or inbound phone numbers and avoid the added cost of a traditional POTS line install.

Another benefit is a Dynamic Integrated T1. When voice calls diminish, the 64 Kbps per call will roll over to your internet connection for increased bandwidth.

Unfortunately, not all locations have the equipment infrastructure in place to support an Integrated T1 from your local carrier. This is where we can assist in determining availability for you. Select Integrated Access Voice / Data / Flex / Pri in the drop down when requesting quotes.

If you would like to compare the lowest cost Integrated T1 prices, enter your service location information to view Integrated T1 line rates in "real time". We will locate the best pricing and service in your city from the best Nationwide Tier 1 carriers. T1 Line Rates has partnerships with industry leading providers that utilize the backbone of AT&T, CenturyLink, XO Communications, Level 3 and other world class carriers that own their backbone and equipment infrastructure.

We broker a large volume and pass the savings on to our clients. Contacting our providers directly will not save you money, you will probably be quoted a higher rate. Let our professional staff and industry contacts do the work for you.- Lowest Price Guarantee

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